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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Sir Rockenstein,
I wanted to thank you again for sharing your apple juice tank idea. I've made several now and one from a coffee can. I used a 3/4 inch cone shaped grinding attachment for the drill to make the perfect hole for the filler pipe which is a 3/4" male copper pipe fitting. The cap is a 3/4" brass hose cap. For the vent and gas line I used 1/4 inch copper pipe cut a few inches long and silver soldered in place. The vent line is black fuel line which goes up under the seat. I like these so much. I've been working on a 39 Elgin in the Rustoration buildoff thread and did two versions in harness leather stitched together with sinew. I made a little cradle to hold it on the rear rack and will fix the tank to the cradle with either leather straps, stainless hose clamps or just black zip ties which will blend right in. I also liked it plain and unpainted, boasting what it is or was... a juice tank made into a clever gas tank. So cool.
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