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Default Re: Help with a cool project please.

Originally Posted by RCinAL View Post
Hi, I'm a noob. (Please see my introduction thread for details.) I have a awesome beach cruiser I want to motorize. I can't post a link because I am a noob I guess. It is a 'Electra Straight 8' bicycle. Would someone please google it and post a link or photo of one so I can explain my concerns with this build? The forum won't let me do it.

I simply want to install a 2-stroke kit and ride, but it is a rather unique bike and I'd like a little advice from others with experience before I order something that may not bolt right up. It is also a very expensive bike (to me anyway) and I do not want to mess it up if I can help it. I am well tooled and plenty mechanically inclined, but do not own the expensive specialty tools needed to "custom fabricate" a lot of things and would scrap the idea if anyone thinks this will be a lot harder than usual.


Hi Ralph
You should find everything you need here. Don't be afraid to ask ?? everyone here has been extremely helpful in my build. As far as tools and stuff, I have been able to do everything so far very cheap. Maybe not the ideal situation but I have done everything with my cordless drill and using vice grips to clamp things down to my bench because I don't have my vice handy. (thats a story for another time)I carry all the tools needed to work on the bike in a pouch that goes in my backpack when I ride. Good Luck, WELCOME!, and keep us posted on your success
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