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Default Re: Help with a cool project please.

The throttle cables that come with the two-stroke kits are LONG so you won't have any problems with your ape hangers. Also since the majority of kits utilize a sprocket on the other side your nexus hub shouldn't cause any problems.(I am not 100% sure, as i only have seen the nexus in pics, but it looks the same). The "standard" two-stroke kits are designed for a "V" frame bicycle, like a normal mountain bike, so you have to drill a hole in some of the crusier type frames in order to mount the motor. I would recomend clicking on some of the links around the forum and finding a kit that fits your price range.(the motors are all the same design-wise, its just qaulty and a couple features that is lacking on the cheaper ones, i personally have a cheap $120 kit that i love)
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