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Default Hello, All, from RCinAL

Hi, everyone. My name is Ralph. I am a gray haired old fart from Huntsville, Alabama. I have spent the majority of my life on 2 wheels - mostly motorcycles of all types, but I have always kept a cruiser bicycle or 2 around the house also. Basically, I have a serious interest in anything with 2 wheels and a pair of handlebars, especially if it also has a gas engine.

I still keep and ride motorcycles, but I am not getting any younger or healthier and can no longer expend the energy it takes to pedal my bicycle up all the hills in my town. However, I am not quite ready to give up on bicycling all together. So, I was doing some research about motorizing my bicycle and stumbled across this fine forum several weeks ago.

My expectations are few and simple - a fun, fuel efficient, trendy, economical mode of transportation to get my old self around the neighborhood that will hopefully escape the attention of the local cops. (Fun usually = illegal here.) Still, I am thinking most LEO's wouldn't so much as bat an eye at a tired old man cruising along on a motor bike.

I look forward to exchanging ideas and getting some great advice from others on the forum who already have experience in these matters. Right now I am simply exploring my options.


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