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Default It's done and it works!

I think i have about 8hrs of work in it and another 3hrs of shopping for parts and ideas at Lowe's and Autozone. Got everthing in place late today. A few things....

With all the complaints on this site about the HT engines I really didn't expect it to run at all. My problems however were all related to the chain alignement. I'll omit details as I'm sure you've all experienced them. The engine runs perfectly.

With regards to the motor mount; I learned to just try stuff. My frame tube is too big for the standard mount. I spent a few hours looking for the silver bullet on this board. Some really good ideas and products. Based mine on the muffler bracket and some flat aluminum stock. Works great.

On your first time out do not just run until it fails. I ended up carrying my bike a half mile up hill back to the garage with the chain wedged between the spokes and sprocket. Stay close to home those first few minutes (hours?).

Althought the motor may not be the greatest quality the rag joint sprocket and stock chain tentioner is just not something I want to depend upon. My chain wants to travel toward the spokes. I think I have the tention and alignment good for now but I'm not confident it'll stay that way.

Justin at Pirate Cycles has been great! Returned my calls prompltly, shipped my kit quickly, and answered every question knowledgeably. Thanks Justin!!!!!

This board is critical. My laptop smells like WD-40.

Next steps...

I gotta go over everyting and replace nuts, washers, etc. with better ones and add lock-tite.

One minor problem is the exhaust clearance. My pedal hits it. It's very minor. I may just squeeze the pipe in a vice a bit. Any downside to that?

Need a more reliable tentioner and/or sprocket. I'll speak with Justin about some great products he's suggested.

Lastly...solving these little challenges is great fun. Riding is a blast but nothing like the build. I'm in.

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