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Default Re: Why do you ride a MB?

Originally Posted by Finfan View Post
I also picked other. I have the firm belief that any family should have at least one more vehicle than they do drivers to cover the times when one of the vehicles is in the shop. This gives me the extra form of transportation without adding all the expense of insurance, licensing, etc. I have also become somewhat hooked as a hobbyist. However most times when I brave the rush hour traffic to use my bike to commute I am just out to save gas and money by using my ride as a form of economy transportation. So a combination of most of your options!

Fin, big time! Last year we, went from 1 truck, 3 cars and 2 motorized bicycles to one working car in a month! Was a night mare getting every one where they needed to be.

About cried when my "back-up" motorized bicycle went south. Just a run to the store for milk or bread becomes an ordeal. From now on, I will have a contingency MB. A back-up motorized bicycle and a main MB. (LOL, "MMB") I should probably get a better car but summer is coming.......
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