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Default Re: Steel Throttle and kill anyone?

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Jeez, wouldn't you know it?

I just took delivery on the new NTS speed carb for the 66 motor- from Pirate cycles.

What they failed to mention was that it was shipped WITH new grips and throttle assembly, and the whole cable ALREADY ATTACHED!!!!

So now I have yet another whole stock throttle assembly! If I had known this, I would have just ordered the speed carb a couple three weeks ago,

At just $25 shipped, Pirate has the best price on the carb, and half of the cost would have been saved by not then having to order the other plastic twist grip assembly separately then. Oh well. i'm surprised they don't advertise it that way.

Also just tried the new billet intake today- before installing the NTS carb, to test each variable independently- DEFINITELY a performance improvement there- although I reamed the billet even further, and had to install it on the old male studs instead of using recessed allen bolts supplied- those old studs have got a firm setting to them now, and several lock washers are then needed to fill the recesses in the billet. And the cluth cable stop definitely needs to have the 1/4" cut off to lower it and clear the lowered carb. Not an easy task in an apartment with no vice to hold it.

I've decided that I probably won't even actually be opening the throttle up to 2 cycle level much- it's considerably louder whine for very little speed. So while I still will install the new carb, I'm wondering if it will do much more.
We don't usually send the whole assembly like that with the carbs.. For you, I threw it in as a little Merry Christmas bonus. I didn't feel like taking it all apart and/or just sending you the carb with one odd grip.. Thats how we roll here man!!

Also, If you need shorter allens I think we have some for the intake. Were the ones I sent you a little under 3/4", the m12's. Or were they 3/4" the m14's.
If theres anything else we can do, let us know.
Pirate Cycles

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