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Default Re: Waiting on the UPS truck

Originally Posted by jkent View Post
Thanks. It arrived!
Unpacked and took inventory then moved to my first question...I new it would be close but the front mount is about 1/8 inch too narrow for my bike tube. So, I'll have to buy or fabricate a mount. Picked up a muffler clamp earlier today.

I went ahead and moved to the sprocket. Tied the spokes with zip ties first. I found conflicting information about the direction of the sprocket. I wound up with the convex side out (teeth closer to the spokes). I don't think it's going to rub the tire but we'll see.
Were here if you need us for anything. We can fab up a mount for you as well.
Also, Run the sprocket whatever way gives you the best clearance. There is no set direction of travel with the sprockets. It's a preference thing.
Let us Know!
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