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Default I am not competing just posting

It is getting too hot.
I really enjoy my Happytime.
I would like something that does not buzzz so much.

I found goped nation Ehhhh!!!

I also found an $42.00 plus 15.00 shipping total cost mod that attaches a continuously variable transmission. to a small engine.

I am planning on building a rack mounted friction drive or a chain drive version with a 62 tooth rear sprocket.

The friction drive version would be a complete backend off a go ped with the cvt mod , using a solid rubber convex drive wheel.
Quite possibly NO slippage with an automatic transmission.
The chain drive version is a 10 tooth output gear with some BMX chain and a 62 tooth rag mounted rear sprocket from andyinchville's sprocket sales.

This engine a honda 50
Small Engine Warehouse: GXH50QHA - Honda Engine 2 5hp Horizontal 5 8 x 1 1 4 Shaft Muffler no tank

With this CVT

This one is inexpensive
Fancy Scooter: Gas Scooters and Electric Scooters Retail and Wholesale

This one is $80.00
X2 (Ninja) Pocket Bike CVT Gearbox (transmission)

With this design
Adapting a CVT to a GSR40 - Scooter Wiki

I will be busy this summer.

Way after it is broken in I want to try this

I zip all over town just like the gas prices were not so high, why not I only pay $8.00 for gasoline per month.
I have had people get mad at me when I tell them how much I spend on gas per month.

Wait till my average gas price goes to $2.00 per month.

My happy time cost four fill-up's.
About a months worth of gasoline for an average car. LOL!

Add another Rackee to the tally.

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