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Default Re: Slick vs Semi-Slick

Originally Posted by mifletz View Post
How would the performance, rolling resistance, longevity, puncture resistance, ride, wet and dry road adhesion and roller grip of a 26x2.1 Continental Town and Country compare to a totally slick 26x2 Schwalbe Kojak?
The slick is going to be best for roller grip, no contest there--as long as the tire is dry. Most other issues are not so cut and dry.

(Roller drives work poorly when wet and basically don't at all if they get wet or muddy, I hope you know.....)

For any type of on-road riding, you're probably not going to see much difference between the slick and the T&C tires. The slick will have more traction, but you may never ride in a way that the difference becomes obvious.

The slick may be more susceptible to flat tires. While the treads of a semi-knobby bicycle tire may be around 1/8" tall, slick "tread belts" are usually considerably less thick, often less than half as thick, because the thickness adds rolling resistance and most people who ride bicycles don't have engines mounted to do the pedaling work for them.

One thing can be said for certain: the ONLY vehicles that use knobby tires ALL THE TIME is motocross motorcycles, that race in loose soil and mud. You can ride an MTB off-road very well with slick tires mounted, as long as the ground is dry. Slicks are terrible in mud and snow, poor in loose soil but okay for everything else.
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