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Default Re: Different Style Tanks?

Originally Posted by neicull View Post
pics or it never happened! that is a cute tea pot... funny funny.
LOL, snork. Know what you mean. "My Chinise 66cc does 43 MPH and gets 203 MPG because I modified it using nylon washers...."

I forgot to bring this up with TS about our kits, but I really want to make this an option. The "kettle tank" No kidding, he did such a great job machining the drive that it looks manufactured. Don't get me wrong, the thing is art but some how to good to be asked "Did you make that?" kinda thing. Would love to hear folks opinion. I can be a lil more then half a bubble off plumb on things like that.

This is coming off as shameless self promotion and that's not my intent. Is more "proud poppa" syndrome.

The quest for the perfect tank continues! ( or in the great words of Buzz; "To China and beyond!" or some thing like that.

Pic is of the prototype. Really need to find a tank that will accent it well. Second pic is the "Original Shelly" Mrs. Ma (Mother in almost law) behind her

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