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Default Re: Plug wire replacement

stv1jzgte, the wire was new, at least to me. had it on my first bike for 2 weeks. now i don't even bother with them.

performance is hard to judge. i mean, my new plug and wire perform a million times better than my broken stock wire. if the wire won't stay on the plug, or is on loose and shakes around, interrupting the spark, then obviously, performance is greatly improved by changing it out.

as far as horsepower and speed, a change might not be noticeable, but in my experience, better plugs and wires means better spark. and better spark means better performance.

that said, i'm not suggesting some BS splitfire plug and mallory wires, those won't do anything, but a quality plug, wire and boot, will not only perform better, and longer, but you can hide the CDI and the wiring to make it look cooler, too...
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