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Default Re: Plug wire replacement

Originally Posted by stv1jzgte View Post
This is a myth whoever first said that is wrong, that wire is better or the same as anything you will find the plug that goes on the spark plug may be crap to some peps, ive done 10,000km on a stock wire and boot with lots of off road ridin no difference. I have even dyno'd a stocka and a "hi performance wire" no difference your waisting you money, more strands of wire aint going to give you more power.
Thats true, the ignition system for our china girls is not powerfull enough to make a difference in high performance wires, and i have ran the sock cap and wire for 8000+ miles before, the reason i replace mine is due to the fact that the sun in Tucson takes a beating on just about everything, so i wanted a wire that was built for high milage and heat, no more brittle wire and the ones i am using are not copper core wires and there is no difference in power!!! I thought that there would be a difference but there isnt!!!
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