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Default Re: Living in the mountains/breaking in engine?

Thanks Venice, problem is I don't have a straight away around here to build up speed it's either up hill or down hill. I found a guy that has a couple sprockets he will sell me, a 48 & a 50 both for 20 bucks shiped. For 20 bucks I'll try them both and use which ever one works best for me. Thinking of buying a parts bike off craigslist and using the rear wheel for my 44 tooth. I can't afford a shift kit yet but some day maybe. I have a Schwinn Jaguar and also weigh about 200lb. I'm running a 47cc Dax engine and only have about 15 miles on the engine. I'm sure the engine will develop more power as it breaks in I just have to be able to ride it far enough to break it in. I'm hoping one of these new sprockets will make it possible. If you use 24 to 1 during break in what do you recommend afterwords?
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