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Default Re: lights for your motorized bicycle?

On my first bike i tried to run front and rear lights off the motor and found that the motor output was too small. These were conventional lights (not L.E.D.s) Each were 3 watts a piece, the friction generator type commonly found for bicycles. The tail light was not switched so it was continuously on. I could switch the headlight on once I had the engine RPM up but not at idle, it would draw too much from the motor. On my second bike (stretch) I opted for a hard wired rear light (3 watt) and a 9 volt battery powered front headlight. So far so good, haven't had to change the battery yet. Here in Florida it is the LAW to have a front and rear working light in order to ride at night. What is the wattage of the front headlight you are working on Norman?
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