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Default Newbie back home from Iraq.

Hi folks, new here from Alabama and am proud to a member of such an informative site. Just wanted to say that I recently returned from Iraq where I built and drove a motorized bicycle for the last seven months of my deployment. Well worth the money and time i spent on it, its not easy walking around on a FOB when it's 127 degrees outside. When others were holed up in their CHU's for fear of the heat and missing meals because it was too hot to walk 3/4 of a mile to chow I'd jump on my bike and go. Been on leave for a couple of months now and I go back to my civilian job in January at the sheriff's department. Since I've been home I've just completed my second build in the sanctuary of my garage here at home. I missed the old girl and just had to have another one, she saved me alot of wear and tear on the feet and made my deployment a lot easier. I'm also sure this is not the last build I'll do either, I believe I'm hooked.

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