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Default Re: Electrical System Questions!

Like the man said, it's a waste of time to fuss about which way electrons are flowing in a DC system like a car or bike. It is a closed system, i.e. confined to the bike (or car), and electrical gizmos only operate when the circuit is complete. Same with where the fuse goes; the convention is to put them in the + side, but if you put them in the circuit between the gizmo and the frame, instead of the gizmo and the + lead, the result is the same. People often use the 'water in a pipe analogy' to explain electricity flow, but it is only partially valid, and thinking of electric current like it's water in a pipe can lead to ideas that are all wet... Electricity is not water. The theory behind English cars with + ground to frame was that there would be less electrolysis and corrosion. Good idea, but in practice, it ended up as useful as the old theory that lug nuts on the left side should be left hand threads to stay theory, but not worth the effort in real life. Also, DC and AC act differently, so even all current is not the same; on AC, switches and fuses MUST be on the 'hot' or supply side to prevent YOU from being the gizmo if you touch something that is grounded. Luckily, not much chance of dying messing with a Chinese bike motor!

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