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Default Re: What kind of lights are you using?

i just ordered one of these Maxxon brake lights: Wireless Bicycle Brake Light for Mountain Bikes, City Bike Carriers, and Dynamo Bicycles

an inertia sensored, Nintendo/Wii technology, 2007 Taiwan Innovative Prize Winner, burble burble burble...

looks like a really cool tail/brakelight with no external wires whatsoever. looks small enough to hide under my seat, or in the duck-tail of my fender.

i don't want wires or sensors or any extra crap anywhere on my bike, and since i ride in the road with traffic at 40+, i figured this would be the hot set-up.

for the front, i dunno, i gotta make something...

(edit: it was only $30 total on ebay, not the 50 on the website...)

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