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Default Re: Winter riding -20 and up to -50 winterpeg

Howdy , I'm in Montana and have ridden my 2-strokes for the last 4 winters in temps as low as -20F. Choke it, pedal it,and start, usually within 100 feet. I use a 36 tooth sprocket on one bike and a 40 on the other and have had no starting or traction issues. I use studded tires on both bikes and feel comfortable going 25+mph on bullet-proof ice. Loose snow is more sketchy, especially with hidden ruts,but I have done many 5-8 mile rides in up to eight inches of fresh with no real problems. I wear my ski gear including face mask and of course goggles and stay nice and cozy. For the first time in 2 years my 4 stroke is running well constantly(gear box problems in the past not engine issues, I'm on my fourth primary gear and bell housing in a grubee stage 2 but that's another thread).The Honda does great in the cold and snow. I use studded tires and have cruised at 32 mph on ice I could see the ground through ( New England powder ha!). I feel 73% safe and hope this new drive gear makes it through the winter.Oh yeah I guess I should mention that I use a 44T on this bike and can get up to 37-38 mph on the flats on a dry road (I weigh 160 lbs.) Anyway, winter riding can be fun. Get the right clothes and tires and see what you can do.
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