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Question Re: I See Springers...

I am a bit confused as to what you are referring to. Was it De's work (eDJ) or mine where I reversed a fork and mounted Honda 50 shock-spring/links on it. (trackfodder) i WOULD OFFER THIS: The thing tides softly but the tire works laterally touching the fork occasionally. The fix would/will be a very light fork with a stem sliding through a guide plate in front of the steering ass'y. I really rather prefer another one I cooked up with a 2nd fork connected to the usual one with links and valve springs on the stem of the front one acting against a plate mounted against the top bearing, This is somewhat like the 1910 Pierce 4-cylinder . I would change it out except the stem is too short. intended for use on a "Flying O" I started to make a rear suspension on and went back to building my Lotus Se7en.
By the way, has anybody heard from eDJ? (Dee Jsaan) I fear something has happened to him.
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