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Default Re: Electrical System Questions!

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Electrons do in fact flow from negative to positive. We can all thank Benjamin Franklin for labeling + and - on a battery; bass ackwards from the actual electron flow. Once he did that, "the die was cast". Everybody who is not knowledgeable in fundamental electronics operation assumes that they flow from + to -.
As for the CDI, it is Capacitive Discharge Ignition. The electricity is stored in a capacitor (a temporary battery like device) inside the black box. When the electronics inside the black box sense a pre determined voltage level has been met, they let the stored electricity in the capacitor discharge into the ignition coil. The coil then multiplies the voltage given to it to the level required to jump the sparkplug's gap, and you have ignition inside the engine.
I am really no one to dispute this, but why are fuses always placed on the positive side if this is true?
Wouldn't the most protection come from fusing the ground?
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