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Default Re: Electrical System Questions!

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
erm... it's pretty simple and self-explanatory once you realize you've got it a lil backwards - the current is generated by the magneto, the coil builds it up and discharges it to the plug, all in the interest of attempting to get to ground (you'll notice the battery in a car has it's neg terminal attached to the frame/body).

It's only the crazeh brits and Lucas (prince of darkness) that used a "positive earth" where the frame was positively charged and the current went the other way - causing all sorts of gremlins that delighted in assorted shenanigans like extreme corrosion buildup and very odd effects when the inevitable shorts happened.

I believe they've learned their lesson by now lol
Alrighty, thank you! SO, the current is in fact flowing too the frame, not from it. The only thing that still confuses me is that everything I ever learned said that current flows from negative to positive..(negative having the surplus of electrons and positive having the deficiency) If the negative terminal in a car is hooked to the frame and current flows from negative to positive, wouldn't that mean the electrons are flowing from the frame instead of to it?

Right? Even a google search seems to yield conflicting answers..

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