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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

I also have purchased a couple of motors from Pirate Cycles.

I cannot even put into words how great the service is.

Justin at Pirate Cycles has a very good thing going.
When i started to see him spending allmost as much time around here as myself i realized this is more than a buisness for him.
It is an addictive passion.

All of my e-mail and every phone call i ever made were answered promptly.
Before and after any sale.
Including late nights and sundays.
Most days you can chat with him in the chatbox.

Justin has also helped me with parts ....Even though alot of the parts aren't listed he dose sell them.

He is also working hard to carry parts and equipment that we may be interested in.
He has nitrous and other cool stuff including Manic Mechanic "Jim"

My motors are powerful and runs great.

I plan on doing alot of buisness in the future with Pirate Cycles.
I rate Pirate Cycles at the top.

Keep an eye out for the PCP.
Pirate Cycles Possee
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