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Default Re: Running for the 1st time

Originally Posted by Evan View Post
Well I had a few issues with the chain and then the clutch. The idler was crooked to the chain no matter how i mounted it on the frame so i heated it up and bent it a bit. Then i had to mess with the clutch a bit to get it to work and not collide with the brake handle/gear shifter on the handlebars. Now it's dark (and raining) probably not the best time for my first ride. I'll have a couple hours of sunlight in the morning before I have to go to work so hopefully i'll get it going then. Not sure i'll be able to keep myself from trying again tonight but as you probably guessed i'm quite antsy. Thanks for everyones help so far. i'll keep you posted.
Sounds like you're in good shape. The stock chain tensioner bracket does need to be twisted a bit to make the idler line up right with the chain. Another bit of advice - if you don't replace any other hardware on the engine kit, at least replace the bolts/nuts that hold the tensioner bracket to the frame. The grade 4 bolts are too soft, and the threads will strip before you get it tight enough to stay where it's supposed to stay.

I can attest to the greatness of a dual-pull brake handle. I ran for a little while without one, and the brake handle on the left side, with the clutch handle, was completely useless. So either just depend on whatever brake you have on the right side, or get a dual-pull.
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