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Default Re: What kind of lights are you using?

Originally Posted by rgvkid View Post
Im looking into some lights front and rear. I've seen a few at Wal-Mart for about $20 bucks and the ones at the cycle shop are at about $30+. Any suggestions on what you guys are using? I saw a post on some 9 led flash lights from Harbor freight, which i saw for $3.99, but are they putting enough light out?

After trying them all I'm convinced running off the white wire, lead acid batteries, or tire generators are impractical long term solutions. A 50-100 LED Dealextreme headlight powered by NiMh AAs gives more light and 6-7 hours between recharge. NiZn cells provide significantly brighter output but shorter LED life. For the rear I use standard 3-4 LED red bike safety light.
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