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Default Re: Word-wide tyre delivery

That is a bummer. Another option is get some one from EU to purchase for you and ship. I would be glad to do it but would be crazy expensive for you. Bought a $25 USD banner from a buddy in SA and it cost $125 to ship here.

This is a link to Firebelly's site. Firebelly Cycles He is in Washington State, U.S. Or find a closer supplier, here is a shipping calculator;|9195|shipping%20cost||S||474899 0749&gclid=COj7wqKO5p4CFRlcagodAh8MIQ

I just looked up what it would cost to ship 2 tires to Baghdad from here, (Closest city they had in the drop down menu) $150 USD. I am thinking you should open a bike shop! lol
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