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Default Re: Flatless Tires or tubes ????

Originally Posted by MarkTur View Post
Hey Crab,
The No-More-Flats I have in the front seems to be working perfectly well...however, I also solved the flats issue proven by my rear I'm actually sitting here, looking at pictures of my bike with the balloon tires, and they look a lot nicer than the smaller tires I have on now, and can't help but wonder, if I get a new front rim, I can try out a slime tube up there with the kevlar cruiser tire, and just switch the back to use the balloon tires with the current slime/Mr. Tuffy setup.

I dunno..I just don't like the way the current setup feels. Mushy in the rear, the NMF up front is fine...but I would like to get back on the bigger tires. Well, if I can locate another rim...
Hey Mark... Glad that you got your "flats" problems worked out. That's what I'm worried about when I get my bike (what with me being 235lbs and all). The poor tires will be begging for mercy lol. And yea, I like the look of the bigger tires. They just look cooler. The bigger the better for me. I've heard good stuff about the kevlar tires. I think you would like them.

My tires are anything but mushy. If I'm reading my tires right, it says to put 40-65 psi in the tires. Wow that seems like a lot. I don't know how much is in there. Can you use a regular car gauge I wonder? Will have to check. My wife just said that yea, it will work .

Well, I will talk to you in a bit... have a great one!
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