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I'm still using Opti-2 and unless something drastic and unforeseen happens I won't go back to regular 2 stroke oil. The cold weather has kept me inside and not doing as much riding as I'd like but it's given me time to pull heads and do a little inspection. Piston tops are clean, combustion chambers too. All my plugs are a dark gray, not tan or white, not oily or fouled. I know gray is an odd color and it's not a light gray, more of a battleship gray. If that makes sense. Nevertheless, my engines are running and performing better than they did prior to making the change to Opti-2. Like Restapukin said, I'll surely report here if there's any change. Opti also makes an oil for 4 strokers and I'm going to try it in my Titon. Dax is not convinced yet so he isn't thrilled with the idea but I'm curious to see if there's any noticible difference in a 4 stroke with Opti-4 instead of what is recommended.
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