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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Actually - the brakes themselves are pretty good (unless it's a Huffy w/coaster lol), it's just their pads are junk. Replace the pads w/real ones from an actual bike shop for a whopping $10 or so and it's a completely different story.

I can do an endo with the touch of a finger and they've lasted over 2000 miles so far. My only complaint is when they're wet - they still work quite well, just not quite as good.
Actually I've had good luck with cheapie pads. They are more than adequate if maintained proprerly. Once every few months I clean rims w/isopropyl and zip a piece of 150 sandpaper between the pads. Takes less than a minute per bike.

I don't like coasters or disc as much as cheapie Target/Walmart brakes. Not just for price but they are just easier to install and work on. Parts (cables, pads, etc.) cheap and easy to find too.

IMO it's possible for brakes to be TOO good. If I can just get that rear to skid a bit I'm happy. I don't like OTBs.
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