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Default FNG saying "Hi!"

What up gang? My name is Jason and the bicycle engine bug has got me going bonkers! I live down by the beach in So. Cal and I found a trash can Schwinn beach cruiser that started the whole bicycle engine building craze! I've seen these engines on e-bay and one of the sellers was local so I picked up one for a $100 total. The install was easy after I made a few mistakes. I used the rear coaster and the sprocket installed on to the hub very well! Stock the engine does 40mph! I did make a few up-grades by changine the exhaust with a small bladder pipe and an air filter but I really don't think I gained more MPH just low end performance. The engine pulls great! I am @ sea-level so I know I have that going for me but are you guys get 40mph with a stock 62cc? The stock gearing for a 26" bike worked really good for me. I can almost start from a dead stop with the new pipe. Right now I building a Schwinn 24"er and so far thing are going good. I think I'm going to gear the 24 for top end speed. Here is a question for you guys E-bay has a "performance" carb for $ it worth it? Will it make an improvement? Also, is the slant head engine better then the standard engine? Can you mill the head? If so, how much? I really look foward to checking out the site and seeing what you guys got! I will try to post pic's soon once I get my pc working right. If you see a guy running around The South Bay of LA on a Schwinn moped with a crazy custom seat and a beard from ****, give your boy a holla! 5000
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