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Default What kind of rear sprocket needed for a NuVinci hub with SBP shift kit?

Hello all,
So I took the plunge and ordered an SBP shift kit and a NuVinici rear hub! The shift kit was a joy to put together and install, and now I'm lacing the NuVinci into a wheel. I noticed that it didn't come with a sprocket on the right side, however, and now I'm a little confused about what kind of sprocket I need.
There is a threaded "adapter" that came very firmly installed on this hub's standard-looking splined freewheel connecter. I can't manually get that threaded adapter off (maybe it's actually part of the hub itself, but it looks like it was just slid into place over the splines).
So my question for any of you guys who are running NuVinci hubs and shift kits is, what type of sprocket are you using? How many teeth - and if, you're using a threaded sprocket, are the threads "metric" or "english"?
Below I'm pasting a link to the sprocket I *think* I need... note that it is actually a freewheel (alternatively, could I use just a simple sprocket without the freewheel part built in?). The options I picked on this page were 17-tooth English threaded:

My set up is: 67cc Skyhawk with expansion exhaust pipe and some minor porting, running a 10-tooth heavy-duty SBP shifter kit on a Micargi beach cruiser frame with 26" wheels.
Thanks for your advice, and I'll put some pictures up soon!
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