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Default Re: Hello All You Bikers

Just done a little test and it seems I can now post pictures.

Heres pics of my 3 trailers...

The Long Haul/Heavy Load Trailer.
The wheelchair wheels have brakes - thats what the black wires are. Still needs another couple of cross beams like the one at the rear, plus brakes rigged up.

The Mono Wheel Trailer.
The yellow bungee is just to hold the box lid on.

The Shopping - come Push Trailer. hopfully.
This is the trailer im working on at the moment. Iv'e just sourced out a stainless steel door to make a lid, at the moment its awaiting painting and varnishing. I also plan to add lights.

A trip to the recycle center on Sunday was a bit scary. BIG heavy TV - wheels not set far enough back on frame, back wheel of bike off the ground .....aaagggghhh
I have since reset the wheels further back.

I'll post more pictures up in a proper thread once I get a bit more done.

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