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Question Hello All You Bikers

Hi All,

Seen this fourm a while back when I was google searching about bicycle trailers. At the time I didnt know about push trailers (electric), so I just passed by after browsing around a bit.

Iv'e been building bike trailer(s) for about a year now. Think iv'e caught some sort of bug
I must have built about 7 or 8. Each one better than the last.
I started off building with wood but found it was a bit weak, being as I always have my wheels cantilevered. I soon moved onto metal - old roadsign angle iron and the like.

Having had some sucsses after a few design flaws and teething probs I have at the moment ended up with 3 trailers.

1 Smallish shopping trailer.
This has been remade upteen times, with all sorts of materials. Im in the process of putting the finishing touches to the latest incarnation of this trailer. Painting, lights, indicators.

1 Long Haul/Heavy Load Trailer.
This trailer took all of an afternoon to build, it was sourcing the materials that was the hard part. Its still no completed yet due to lack of a few cross members. I also need to design a doubled braking system for the wheelchair wheels.

1 Mono Wheel Trailer.
This came about after I seen a few while browsing about bike trailers, so I thought I'd build one. It went through a few rewelds (welding done by my mate Peter) due to a design flaw before it was finished.

I'd liked to have posted up a few pictures of these trailers for you all to see but for some reason I cant post links or Pictures until I become an active member?

Well it looks as though I have come full circle. Im back browsing this forum again after seeing an electric push trailer, and while building my latest shopping trailer I thought it would be great to have an electric motor on/in it. The trouble is I have no idea where to start or what motor to buy etc. When it comes to knocking in nailes or bolting things up, im ok, but when it comes to watts n' volts im completely lost?
its all greek to me

Hopefully after this post i'll be able to post pictures and links etc, plus get help from the forums whizzkids on where/how to start my electric push trailer project.

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