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Default Re: King's motor ripoff

Originally Posted by lilhog View Post
Buy a scooter? thats no fun. I only posted the kings thing because it was soooo over the top. Maybe I can save some else from the unprofessionalism.
I didn't mean to make it sound like you should give up on MB's. It just seems you have had an abnormal, bad, experience with the whole thing.

Engine vibration is a tough thing to describe due to the fact that each of us has a different experience level with engines in general.

Here are 2 examples:

I get a call from a newbie who has just finished assembling his bike. He's telling me that his engine is really vibrating, but he's seen the threads that vibration is normal. He has owned motorcycles, and knows engines. He asks if he can bring it to the shop to see what I think. I get on it and quickly realize "this engine is done". It was vibrating so badly, that the bike really wasn't rideable.

Newbie #2 calls with the same concern. He brings his to the shop...I ride it, and it has the typical vibration about midway up the RPM range that smoothes out at cruise. His is normal. He had no experience with single cylinder 2-stroke engines, so to him the vibration was terrible.

I would well imagine that the resellers of these kits have to contend with this daily, and try to sort out who is really having a problem. I'm certainly not defending anyone...especially if they threatened to beat you up, or some other childish comment that falls within the realm of threatening physical violence.

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