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Default Re: Project Incognito

Nougat-as far as "slightly compressed air" difference in performance. You'd have to have considerably more pressure than wind or air flowing by the jugs to make any difference in performance.

After puting these panels on there was no change in any aspect except it could motor sound down about 25%...otherwise it runs like champ and runs cooler than my motorcycle (which is also air cooled).

As far as fooling cops or anything of that sort...I know most of the police in my town (because I drive towtruck on weekends and pick up all their traffic stops and accident scenes that need recovery). So the desire to make it stealthy is more for fun than to fool anyone. Its nice to be able to be out without drawing attention to yourself, cops or civilians. My biggest fear is that some young kids in my area start riding these motorized bikes all over town and make it an issue!
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