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Cool New to this "HOBBIE".

Lets start by a nice "hola" from Puerto Rico. I have notice the number of bicycles with engines and things come to mind. One, gas prices!, and two CO2 emmisions. I was wondering and took a look at some riding around the town and saw many things that can be done to get better emmisions milage,and POWER. We are need a reliable and economic type of vehicle to move close by. This are everywhere and I bet soon legislation will be taken in every part of the US includind our island. But in countries with low income and higher needs will be like "herds" on a praire!. I like the HOBBIE and have a lot of questions about it. Never been in one and less put one togheter,but I expect to get me one and gain a lot of experience here with all of you. Will share as I go by and will make one of the best,faster and strogest motorized bicycles I can. All I need to know is three things:
1. The best engine outthere.
2.the best bicycle and frame and wheels.
3.Put it togheter our way.
The rest is up to my kids at Danny's Performance and Machine Shop.They should cut,bore.,do all machinework and set carburation.All street legal lights for those dark nights, EPA and DTOP approved if possible but not a must! I've been taking care of Earth a lot to see it go away with non sense and wars. If things keep going tha way we won't have time enjoy ourselves. So I sais one day:"You need a Hobby with dirt,power,noice,speed, a great RUSHH!! to feel is not to late!Buy a motorized Bycicle and "HOT ROD" it for racing. Whats a scratch or broken bone here and there!" All I wish is not to loose ONE more human to any war, weapon or nonsense. Don't take me wrong. I love my country and will kill to protect my family, my life and my freedom.But as long as there are childrens growing up and expecting a future I'll be looking for ways to ensure that! But lets get ready to ride!!! Break our bones on a bike is better than fighting. Maybe even will save you from going to a war. Bless you all, and bless all my family member who gave their life in Viet Nam for our freedom,amen.

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