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Default Free wheel solid axle

I have been looking for months for a solid axle to use with my grubee kit.

Everyone has freewheel kits but no solids in stock. One place gave me bad info and said I needed a freewheel axle kit to go with my grubee which I bought only to discover the truth $150 later (including new HD rim and other misc stuff)

spookytooth put me on the right track with info but they too were out of stock in the solid axle.

Anyways after 2 months wait I came up with a solution to convert a freewheel axle to solid.

I soldered the brass bearing piece that screws on the axle that bolts to the sprocket.

Heated it up with blowtorch, used flux core plumbing solder to weld it solid.

Now off to Matthews bikes in Indy for a respoking and nice heavy duty alum rim.
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