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Default Re: 35-40 MPH, Really?

its a tight looking fit with that chain gong through the rear chain tensioner/changer i will say that if you try peddling to hard sing the 11t sprocket the chain does jump a tooth..... but it also did that with the original 7 speed chain... but it dosent skip when i use the correct 9 speed chain.... i was hoping to use my 26t skiptooth sweetheart sprocket in combination with a rear gear cluster but the chain is not compatible... although the 415 chain does seem to fit the skiptooth perfect.... it would be sweet to mount it on a widecrank in conjunction with an 11t or 9t rear freewheel sprocket... maybe a 27t sprocket on the engine side.... gt-2 bike with the gas tank built into the frame paddle throttle dual brakehandle with both cables operating both drum and rear v-brake also with a dual purpose front brake/clutch handle turn signals brake light headlight speedo bananna seat with the suspension sissy bars but short sisybars justt incase you gotta bail off the bike.... and possible put it in the same class as a 49cc puch