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Default Re: 35-40 MPH, Really?

Originally Posted by rotted View Post
i dont personaly know anybody that uses a one speed bike i like gears, wher i live east is uphill west is down hill north and south is fairly flat ground.... my little brother can peddle faster then what my engine can do with a 44t sprocket he has a speedo i had him clock my top speed. also a chic on a ten speed blew me off the road when i was using a 44t... but you know what a single speed chain is working fine with my 7 speed gear cluster.... although i would be willing to swithc to a 13t single speed sprocket if i could get the right gearing if it would allow me to peddal 30mph or slightly faster
I find 32:15 gives me the best chain tension (as i don't have horizontal dropouts and don't want to run any kind of chain tensioner). People usually recommend 2:1 for off road or if particularly steep 32:17 or 32:18. On the road however you can go reasonably upto around 48:16 but this is hard work in hilly areas. I would recommend anyone to try it, it is great having a bike that makes no noises and has no flex or skip in drive, it also seems good for fitness because you just get on with it and pedal rather than make things easy for yourself.