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Default Re: someone tell me its not dead

Originally Posted by caprirs302 View Post
I had one die on me like that, just 50 miles on the damned thing. I was idling and the engine stopped, then when I went to pedal start it, I couldn't pedal. The gears weren't locked because I could pedal with the clutch in, so I assumed that either the piston seized up or something broke inside the motor. When I pulled it of the bike I had to turn the engine over to get the chain off. It would not turn forward, but it would turn backwards! And the damned piston went up and down too!!! I can only assume that a bearing broke or came loose stopping it from going forward. It was under warranty so I never took it apart. You may want to pop it open and look inside though, you never know.
well, this seems to be closer to the answer I was after.....More likeky too,warantee?....gone months ago,the engine has served me well though....great service...mabey its a simple fix,if I have to replace so be it she dosnt owe me a penny(-: thanx for your input.....Merry Christmas
.......guess ill grab a bus schedule till this is resolved/-: gettin Cold here anyway
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