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Default Re: Zoom Gears Not Aligned

When I first got my zoom engine, I took off the clutch cover to take a look
at it. On the engine I recieved, I noticed the gears were misalignment a little.
I also notice the flower nut was turned way out also. I had a hard time trying
to get the clutch arm adjusted right. I did not want to back off the flower nut
anymore than it was already. I could pick up the back of the bicycle and the
rear tire turned pretty fast with the clutch handle lever in on the handle bars.
So I decided to run the engine as is and let the clutch pads wear down enough
till the back tire stopped turning when I picked up the back of the bicycle. The
clutch pads did finally wear down enough for the rear tire to stop turning with the
clutch handle in on the handle bars. Whether doing it this way was right or wrong ,
the engine still runs great and pulls good. I am just hoping the clutch holds up enough
till I finally get to adjust the flower nut in.
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