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Default Re: 35-40 MPH, Really?

wow 50-75 miles in a day sounds farther then ive done although my uncle used to travel some crazy distance like that coming from the mountains to go to school. i miss my 28 and some fraction of an inch rims that came on the good road bikes.. they were almost 29 inch.. i cant find the tires anymore... 29er road bikes are crazy expensive to expensicve for somthing i know somebody is gonna try to steal.... it would be nice to put a 52 or 54 tooth chain ring on a mountain bike and possibly find tires that have a continuous raised ridge like the some road bike tires have for speed... the ridge is so thier is less tire on the ground.... i wonder if it would be possible to get the same speed on a mountain bike this way as compared to a road bike.. road bike rims dont last me long... i like riding down stairs