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Default Re: How do you secure your bike?

i try to find a gas line outside of a building if i'm leaving it for any length of time where i can't see it. i use a kryptonite U-lock. you can't cut the lock, and nobody would be stupid enough to cut through a gas line.

if it's just at 7-11 or something, i've got a front drum brake with a locking brake lever, so i lock that and put the choke on and turn the gas off. i figure i could catch anyone trying to start it.

if i go to get a burrito or something where it'll be outside more than a few minutes, i lock the back wheel to the frame so you can't push it, if there's nothing else around.

i've also got a brooks leather saddle that's worth $100+, and if i'm going in a store for a half hour, i lock my U lock thru the seat springs to a post or something. i figure it'd be easier to steal the seat than the whole bike, so i make sure they can't.
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