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Default Re: 2 stroke straight pipe

Originally Posted by Ghost0 View Post
Car mufflers/exhaust are 4 stroke, 2 stroke pipes are a completely different animal. There is a lot of science that goes into a 2 stroke pipe. Search online for 2 stroke tuners handbook and it will give you all the science you need to design a 2 stroke tuned pipe.
Hi Ghost... thanks for the info about 4 stroke vs. 2 stroke. I will check that out when I get through posting this.

Well I just talked to my neighbor about this and was surprised to find that he thinks it's too big of a job to tackle. He thinks we would have to part some of the job out and it would be a lot of work. So I guess I'm on my own about this... and NO I don't know how to weld. This really sux... So... I don't know what's going to happen now.. have to back up and think about all of this. Maybe I can get the pocket bike muffler and do some small changes to it... don't know. Anyway thanks for listening to me everyone. Sorry I ran into a brick wall after all this talk about everything.
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