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Default Re: different way to change fuel/air mix?

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
My brother once blew up the engine in his truck by messing with the float level... (too lean!)

Why is it so hard to just jet it right in the first place & be done with it??
You are just as like to screw up the mixture with a jet as playing with the float. More so if Joe is right. And I don't think it's as easy to blow up one of these engine as many think. I put 300 miles on a trip this summer with a half size jet and white/grey plug. Great gas mileage and no overheating or seizing. Out af several dozen motors I've never had one seize. Even with 50:1 marine oil. These are not truck motors.

I commend you on your abilty to "jet it right in the first place & be done with it". Most are not so lucky. And if you think ordering jets or playing with solder and a pin vice are easier then feel free.

I wonder why so many resist this easy way to adjust mixture. Even Barely seems to have come around.
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