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Default Re: Zoom Gears Not Aligned

guess i'll have to take a look.

Soundls like something wore out on the one with the jammed flywheel.
Did you get the bottom end apart to see what happened.

This is interesting.

How many miles are on that motor? any idea.

My Pk sure runs strong, very strong, but this is my first 80.

My other motor was a Grubee GT-2B 48cc.
I have about 3000 / 3500 miles on it and it's wooped.
Will still run but not so good.
Never seemed to pull me like this PK.

I suppose if i run into trouble down the road i'll create a Grubee / PK hybred.
Take the good Grubee Parts and the good PK Parts and have an engine that is the best of both wotlds.

With the shaft being tight it would have to be the way the cases are machined.
Hopefully the 4th Q from this year fixed some of the problems.
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