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Default Re: Zoom Gears Not Aligned

Originally Posted by Riding Rich View Post
My primary drive gear is offset a little right of the clutch gear.
What exactlly is rubbing the flywheel is inside the crankcase?
A guy I did a bike for last year said it started making a huge racket then locked the back wheel. Pulling the top end showed no problem with piston/rod but then noticed flywheel was jammed against engine case. I then inspected two of mine and noticed alignment issues.

They are running fine but it can't be a good thing with those gears not fully meshing. At least it's encouraging to know others are out too.

Originally Posted by Riding Rich View Post
The clutch shaft "Countershaft" should be shimable.
Put an indicator on the end of the shaft and measure the side to side movement.
That measurement is prolly the most you could offset it.

I'll have to go over some of my pics and see if i could figure a way to shim things.
My clutch shafts are locked solid into the left side bearings. No play at all. Very difficult to remove w/o damaging that soft thread on the chain drive gear end. Two very thin keyed washers between that gear and the bearing. I'd be very interested in what you come up with.
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