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Default Re: Snow Ride / Not so easy

Picked up a cheap $12.00 Knobby tire at china mart.
2 boxes of #6 screws.
#6 X 3/8" sheet metal screws. (100 pcs)
#6 X 3/8" machine screws (100 pcs)
cost about $5.00 for the screws.

The sheet metal screws are pointy and the machine screws are flat.
Alternated screws every other tread.

All together i got about 180 screws in the front tire.
Pretty good length.
Stick out of the knobs just a little.
Figure they will wear down to the tire treads pretty quick on bare pavement.

Drill small hole through knobs to be studded.
Then flip tire inside out.
Put screws in.

Looks like this thing will climb a tree.
Can't wait to test it out in some snow.

Soon as i have $130.00 for tires i'll prolly buy the real ones.

But all in all this tire turned out pretty good.

For under $20.00.
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