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Default Re: 2 stroke straight pipe

Guys the video was live not recorded sorry about that.
As for the patterns I have they are paper. I was planning on selling them and it would be by mail I'd have to make copies of them what would be a fair price? There is no garrentee you would like or be able to make them work either. My bikes are withthe pipes are on this forum but I don't know where its gotten big but if you look you will see them.
Building one of these pipe will take you about 2 days of work it is not real easy I hand roll the sheet metal and its all hand fitted so the end product isn't show room stuff unless you like to grind and sand and polish etc.
I'll look and see if I can find pictures here of my bike.
Crusier had a real nice picture of his bike after he put the pipe on.
Another thing you can find tuned pipes on ebay and with a gas welder cut and modify them to fit your bike and remember if you need extra metal there is nothing wrong with going to a auto body shop and asking for the skins to make the extra parts you need.
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