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Default Re: Schwinn Computer Question

Keep in mind that the throttle and clutch cable and kill button wires are connected to the engine. Try keeping the speedometer as far from those parts as possible. Also try mounting the CDI on the seat tube instead of the down tube. Anything you can do to keep the speedometer head as far from the CDI as possible will help. The electronic interference comes from the CDI and high voltage lead (spark plug wire), not the magneto. Some people have had luck using resistance ignition wire instead of the copper core wire that comes with most kits. The solid core wire is better for the engine but the resistance wire, or TVRS wire will perform okay and might reduce the RF interference enough for your speedo to function properly. As far as shortening the leads, why do you need to do that? Simply coil the extra wire and use a nylon tie-wrap to secure it.
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